Namespaces and external references

The Aspect Model Editor supports external references and custom namespaces. The namespaces from which the external elements can be referenced are defined by the folder structure of the Aspect Model Editor file directory.

File directory and folder structure on your local machine

By default, the Aspect Model Editor file directory is located at:

  • C:\Users\<YOUR-USER-NAME>\aspect-model-editor (on Windows)

  • /Users/<YOUR-USER-NAME>/aspect-model-editor (on Mac or Linux)

Here you can add the folder structure for your external references which will then show up in the Workspace sidebar.

namespace file structure

Previous namespaces that do not follow this file structure might not work and might break the external references feature.

Namespaces view in the Aspect Model Editor

In the Aspect Model Editor, to view a list of namespaces and files associated to the namespaces, click the Workspace icon Workspace icon.

workspace namespaces

Click on a file to view all elements inside that file.

file elements

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