Semantic Data Structuring Working Group - Documentation

Welcome to the Documentation of the Deliverables of the Semantic Data Structuring Working Group in the Open Manufacturing Platform (OMP).

The work continues in the Eclipse Semantic Modeling Framework (ESMF).

The Open Manufacturing Platform is being dissolved by the end of 2022. For more details on the deliverables see below:

BAMM Aspect Meta Model (BAMM)

Aspect models defined using the BAMM describe domain semantics. Find out how they are defined.

BAMM Command Line Interface

Command line interface to work with Aspect Models: Validate and transform models into documentation and code.

Aspect Model Editor

The Aspect Model Editor is a visual editor for Aspect Models, which automatically validates the models against the BAMM Aspect Meta Model version.


The SDS SDK helps you to build solutions, model your Aspect data, implement your own customized Aspect or want to integrate existing assets and systems within the Java programming language.

Python SDS SDK

The Python SDK offers functionality which helps software developers to work with Aspect Models in their Python applications.