Load and save models

The Aspect Model Editor supports loading and saving Aspect Models in the official RDF/Turtle format (TTL).

In case the loaded Aspect Model has a lower BAMM version than the one that the Aspect Model Editor is currently based on, migration will start automatically.

Currently, the Aspect Model Editor is based on BAMM Aspect Meta Model 1.0.0.

Load or start a new model

To start modeling, proceed as follows:

Already opened Aspect Models will be lost when loading a new one. Always make sure to save the previous Aspect Model first.
  1. Click the New/Load icon in the toolbar.

  2. Click Create/Upload Aspect Model.

  3. Choose one of the following options:

    • Click Models/Default Aspect Model to start from the Default Aspect Model.

    • Click Models/Movement Example to start from the Movement Example.

    • Click Load from File to open a file containing TTL code.

    • Copy and paste TTL code of an existing model into the text area.

      start modeling ui
  4. As an expert you are able to modify the shown TTL code manually within the text area.

    start modeling edit ui
  5. Click Start modeling.

Save models

To save a model, proceed as follows:

  1. Click Save in the toolbar.

  2. Choose one of the following options:

    • Click Export Aspect Model to export the model.

    • Click Export Namespace to export one of the existing namespaces.

    • Click Save to Workspace to save the current namespace to the Workspace.

For saving a new version of a model without overriding the existing one, see Model versions.


The Aspect Model Editor will auto-save your model in the background every 5 minutes, please confirm. After restarting The Aspect Model Editor you will be asked whether you want to load the auto-saved model or dismiss it and start from scratch.