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Manufacturing Reference Architecture Working Group releases a new Whitepaper on Condition Monitoring

On 1/Jun/2022, the OMP Manufacturing Reference Architecture Working Group published their next white paper.

With this third publication, the group covers Condition Monitoring in depth by addressing the underlying business goals, essential features, and functional requirements for the system as well as the quality goals for the architecture. It contains descriptions of each component as well as schematic blocks, and identifies and defines patterns for data ingestion or deployment between the cloud and the edge.

The working group is envisioning to use such use cases to develop the OMP Manufacturing Reference Architecture.

Across most manufacturing customers, there are several common infrastructure patterns and best practices that should be applied when architecting a scalable end-to-end solution. These patterns can be combined and applied with the necessary services to build modular frameworks tailored to manufacturing. The blueprint should help manufacturers to handle complex engineering tasks, such that manufacturers are not required to build these mechanisms from the ground up.

With this whitepaper, the Manufacturing Architecture Working Group (MRA) launches into a series of use cases and scenarios deep dives. The next publications will cover topics such as maintenance or X-as-as-service.

Download the Whitepaper